Scanlube has held certification to ISO 9001 since 1991. We are comitted to the continuous improvement of our operations. In 2009 we achieved re-certification to ISO 9001:2008. The certification of our business system is a guarantee that the quality work carried out by every department in the company meets high standards, all the way from purchasing raw materials to delivering the finished product.

Scanlube has a process-oriented business system that integrates quality, the natural environment and the working environment. The business system is designed to support our daily activities and provide a foundation for our continuous improvement work.

All raw materials and materials that have an influence on quality are approved by Chevron, Preem, Uno-X or through our own supplier evaluation process. Products and raw materials are traced through every step of production. Production
inspection and raw materials inspection are carried out in our own laboratory.

Quality issues are high priority at Scanlube. We safeguard the quality improvement process through the commitment of our workforce, analysis of non-conformance reports and customer returns, the results of audits, continuous work on remedial and preventive measures and through following up on activities.

Certificate ISO 9001:2008

Our Quality policy